i love laughing about the friend zone because it’s so dumb like you know most of those dudes aren’t even IN the “friend zone” they’re in the “ugh god not this dude again” zone

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Tumblr, we need you! A rogue Arizona State representative, John Kavanagh, wants to pass a bill that would thow trans people in jail for using public restrooms. Anyone could be asked for I.D. to “prove” their gender, and if there’s a discrepancy they could face a fine or jailtime.

When asked why the bill targeted trans people, Kavanagh explained that it’s because he thinks “they’re weird.” Outrageous.

We can stop this bill by taking action at www.allout.org/arizona and spreading the word far and wide. Will you help?

You guys please reblog this and spread this like wildfire. This is where I live and I would hate to see the trans people of my state not be abLE TO FUCKING PISS BECAUSE OF THE GENDER THEY IDENTIFY WITH

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Have you seen Miley Cyrus's current twitter icon? It's her head photoshopped onto Nicki Minaj's anaconda album cover.... Idk it's not a big thing but it made me pause cause it's so obnoxious







lightened the skin to match too smdh. puta needs to fucking go back to tennessee and stay there.



can y’all out there still living in Willfully Ignorantville please stop denying the blatant cultural appropration/dehuminization of Black bodies that this lil country bumpkin keeps actively engaging in? Like.. she whitewashed a Black woman’s body to put her head on it for coolness/edgy/sexy points… because she is literally using the sexuality of a Black woman but making it white aka ok and attractive. Fuck that. She keeps stooping lower and lower and it’s not a good look.

She is so gross, I can’t even… Why can’t she go back to her original habitat in the swamp, swatting mosquitos and wrasslin’ gators?


"i know the big brother live feeds show frankie’s every word and move 24/7 but he’s actually a really nice guy if you watched his 5 minute long youtube videos that he edited himself that only show the positive aspects of his life and personality uwu you just can’t trust the cbs editing"


frankie hasn’t watched any episode of bb. he just admitted to nicole that he just looked up bb on wikipedia and memorized winners and facts



FBI Uniform Crime Report Hate Crime Statistics, 2011


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